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Thread: Anybody hear this about "Island Media Advertising" company thing?

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    Thumbs down Anybody hear this about "Island Media Advertising" company thing?

    I was hearing from a friend about how this company "Island Media Advertising", based who knows where- maybe in the US- calling up businesses in Trinidad on the phone -telling them about advertising on some caribbean yellow pages website. Even if they tell them they don't want it, they're still putting up information on the site and then calling for money. My friend told me that the Media company then starts to phone, harassing the business people over the phone for payment. Someone even calls saying that they are so and so lawyer. When the business people ask for documentation or invoice, they get none - only demands for payment.
    Just wanted to know if anyone else has heard about this company and this scam.

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    Nah, haven't heard of it. But if I know meh people, they musse tell dem haul deh mudda, granny, tanty, and neh neh cunnyhole.
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