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Thread: Antigua & Montserrrat leaders pledge cooperation !

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    Thumbs up Antigua & Montserrrat leaders pledge cooperation !

    The Right Honourable Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Baldwin Spencer and Chief Minister (CM) the Honourable Dr. Lowell Lewis pledged that there would be more formal talks on how best to strengthen relationships between Antigua and Montserrat, since both countries have a history of economic cooperation .

    The pledge was made during the prime minister’s informal visit to Montserrat upon the invitation from Dr. Lewis to attend last weekend’s Calabash Festival, at a solo press interview on Sunday 23rd, at the Tropical Mansions Suites.

    Mr. Spencer reported. “The weekend went very well indeed, I was delighted to be in Montserrat and I would like to thank the CM for inviting me to be part of the inauguration of your Calabash Festival. It just serves to strengthen the relationship between our two countries.”

    “I have to compliment the Montserrat people for their resilience and the determination to turn things around in the face of some very serious challengers and from what I’m able to determine is that you are on the way of redevelopment, “he said.

    The two leaders said it would be in the interest of both countries to have a stronger bond between the two islands since both islands could benefit economically from each other, giving special mention to the re-introduction of a ferry service between the two islands.

    The spoke of establishing a ferry service between the two islands since both countries will benefit from such a service, and placing a promotional banner at V.C. Bird Airport to promote Day tours of Montserrat.

    On the geothermal issue, Mr. Spencer further said, “with the problems we have with our electricity supply and high cost of supplying it, geo-thermal energy is something we have been looking at… It was felt that Antigua and Montserrat could develop some collaboration in this regard. So it’s an area that should be explored because clearly we have mutual benefits to be derived from such cooperation.”

    Antigua is expected to have over 50,000 Cricket World Cup fans. Both leaders said they are trying to establish a partnership to get Antigua hoteliers to list accommodations on Montserrat, as a way to meet the demands for hotel room during the event.

    Other issues discussed were the provision to Antigua of bottled water and aggregate building materials, which Montserrat has an abundance of, to help meet the demands they will have leading up to and during Cricket World Cup
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    Good to hear

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    They definitely need to get the ferry back. People like to know that they can come over and shop and take all their stuff back with them.

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