It is a policy of my Government to allow chickens who have been
historically alienated from the other side of the road to now have
access to that side.
>I am presently in discussion with community leaders in the area to ensure
>that the chicken is able to cross safely. So the question just does not
>In fact, ladies and gentlemen, if you observe carefully you can actually
>see pep in its step.
>It is a result of a holistic plan to allow chickens from everywhere to
>cross the road safely without fear of being kidnapped. I have
>instructed the police and army to ensure a safe crossing. We need to
>make the roads safe to cross again. If we were not so vigilant,
>the chicken may not have come this far.
>Brothers and sisters, for so long the chicken has toiled in the
>vineyards of the other side of the road. It is the result of years of
>against discrimination that the chicken can now cross the road.
>If the chicken is crossing in central Trinidad, its safety cannot be
>GLADIATOR (102 FM Morning host)
>It is a response to Basdeo Panday's call for civil disobedience. Shame
>on you chicken!!!!!
>The chicken is free to go anywhere. Th other side of the road belongs
>to you!!!
>The chicken cannot cross the road. It is dead!
>It could run, but it can't hide!!!
>Oh dear sweet God!!! Do not question which side the chicken is
>on...just appreciate it's beauty.... for what it is!!!
>We would have to file for an injunction to prevent more chickens from
>crossing....otherwise there is the option of judicial review.
>BARRY SINANAN (House Speaker)
>It is not a matter of urgent public importance.
>The chicken is clearly acting within the confines of the rule of law
>and the Constitution. I have no doubt that the decision to cross the road is
>based on moral and spiritual values.
>The chicken is showing that there is now a shift in the pardigm.
>To join other chickens having their breakfases.
>To voter pad!!!!
>This whole question is deviod of any factual substance, yet the
>ignorant masses continue to ponder on this abstract concept from age to age.
>we are to analyse this issue logically, and according to scientific
>thought, chickens cannot distinguish one side of the road from the other and
>hence, cannot determine on which side it is on in the first place. In his
>Theory of Relativity, the reknowned German physicist, Albert Einstein
>that the chicken is already on the other side, depending on your (the
>observer) position. Hence the debate will automatically follow that the
>is constantly crossing the road. This is clearly an argument to foster the
>illusive and baseless concepts of omnipotence and omnipresence. The
>logical conclusion is therefore: there is no chicken.
>The chicken has recognised the need for a restructured road and this
>action is clearly an indication by the chicken to voluntarily separate
>from one side to the other.