Suspect shot & wounded in clash with cop at hospital


Thursday, March 29th 2007, 4:00 AM

A cop shot and seriously wounded an assault suspect at Kings County Hospital last night after the prisoner clubbed him bloody with part of a bed railing, police said.

Miguel Gabriel, 19, whom police sources described as "a nut who didn't say a word before the attack," underwent emergency surgery early this morning to remove a bullet in his torso and one in the arm. The unidentified officer, who fired three times, was treated for a deep gash on his head and other minor injuries, police said.

The shooting occurred at 10:56p.m. in room 27 on the seventh floor of the Crown Heights hospital. Investigators said Gabriel somehow ripped part of a heavy plastic bed railing to which he was handcuffed and attacked the cop, who was guarding him.

Chris Evans, 22, said he was visiting his pregnant wife in a room down the hall when he heard "a lot of noise, tussling" and Gabriel shouting, "Leave me alone!"

He said it all happened as cops seemed to be changing shifts.

"I heard cops yelling, 'Stop, stop. Sit down and control yourself,' and then I heard the shots. Then cops were calling on their radios for backup," Evans said.

One detective said Gabriel "just pulled the thing off the bed and rapped the officer a couple of times with it."

The cop, who is assigned to the 71st Precinct, first used pepper spray on Gabriel, and then smacked him with his baton before firing, police said.

Investigators said Gabriel, of Crown Heights, was busted Monday for allegedly punching his father. The teen was in the hospital for treatment of an unidentified "infectious disease."