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Thread: another krossfyah member gone

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    another krossfyah member gone

    Keyboardist Leaves krosfyah - Thursday-15-March-2001
    YET ANOTHER krosfyah member has left the ranks of Barbados’ top musical band.
    The latest to go is keyboardist Dwayne Antrobus, whose resignation took effect just over a week ago after the band’s return from Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.

    Antrobus, a former member of Jegna and the NIFCA award-winning Combermere Jazz group, joined krosfyah in January last year, replacing Leonard Griffith.

    Antrobus, refuting suggestions that he and the band were at odds, said he wanted to focus more on his own two-year-old music studio, Baissink.

    “I feel it’s a good thing to be more in control of my destiny. The band was taking up the most of my time,” said the eclectic musician.

    Manager Michael Agard confirmed Antrobus’ resignation yesterday, stating he had been replaced by 17-year-old Corey Corbin, formerly of Fusion.

    This newest exit from krosfyah is the fourth within the last month, following the severing of lead vocalist Ray Armstrong, trumpeter Cameron “Doc” Quintyne and trombonist Mark Husbands.

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