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    Onw of my co-workes is THE most anal heffa I have ever met. Everytime I give him my monthly board materials to review and sign-off he returns it with all types of ridiculous somments and suggested changes. I don't understand what the hell is his problem. I think he should counseling. I am trying to determine how to discuss this with my direct Supervisor.

    His comments cause me to spend so much time sending him versions of the same damn document back and forth that it causes me to come REALLY close to missing deadlines.

    DDAMN!!! I can imagine him in bed with his wife - "no dear move it this way. No, no, wait let me roll the skin back slowly before you . . . . agh!!!!!!!!!!!"

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    I too have a manager thatis overly particular about the way certain reports are finalized over time I did the same report abou twenty times before he got tired of me and the paper in he office......I told him that it was 4:30 and I have not done anything else for the last two days but to work on his report....and that he is not my only manager.....I put the last set I did onhis desk and ignored him for the rest of the day....

    these people feel that they are the most important thing in this worl and that I do not have anything else to do besides wuk my liver strings out for he....he damn well lie.

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