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Thread: America's Most Wanted Trini !!!!!!!!!!

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    America's Most Wanted Trini !!!!!!!!!!

    Big reward for America’s most wanted Trini

    America’s most wanted Trini, Andre Neverson.

    Stories by Dominic Kalipersad

    New York police believe their most elusive criminal fugitive, Trinidadian Andre Neverson, may be hiding out in Morvant and is being protected by criminal elements in the area or by a lover.

    So, as an incentive for information leading to Neverson’s arrest, the chief investigator in the case, Manny Puri, of the New York/New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force of the United States Marshals Service, based in New York City, is pressing for an increase in the cash reward his agency has offered.

    At present, the rewards total US$37,000, but Puri’s proposal could see his agency increasing its offer by 100 per cent and the cumulative total reaching US$62,000.

    In a telephone interview on Wednesday, Puri said, “The US Marshals Service is offering a reward of US$25,000. Then there’s the New York Mayor’s award of US$10,000, plus Crime Stoppers is offering US$2,000.

    “I’m trying to get the US Marshals’ reward raised to US$50,000.”

    Neverson is wanted for double homicide, parole violation and illegal entry into the US.

    Police accuse him of fatally shooting his sister, Patricia Neverson, 39, at her home in Crown Heights, during an argument over money on July 8, 2002.

    Neverson had reportedly loaned Patricia money to buy a home, but eventually wanted the house as repayment.

    Police also believe that after shooting his sister in the head and stomach Neverson abducted his former girlfriend, Donna Davis, 34, and shot her dead too.

    Davis’ body was found in Queens three days later with gunshot wounds to the head.

    At the time of both murders, he had been paroled by the State of New York for attempted murder in the second degree, assault in the first degree and criminal possession of a firearm.

    Four months later, Neverson reportedly used a handgun when he attempted to visit his daughter at the home of another ex-girlfriend, but fled the scene when the woman’s brother arrived.

    Pete Margraf, homicide detective at the 71st Precinct in Brooklyn, who has been tracking Neverson since the murders, said in a telephone interview on Wednesday, “This case became more than just a domestic homicide because of the cold-blooded manner in which Neverson killed the two women. This guy needs to be caught.”

    Puri said Neverson has eluded detectives because he has been using false identification and is now believed to be wearing a dreadlocks wig.

    He said Neverson had been deported from the US in July 2000, but returned two months later under a false Jamaican passport which had been obtained by the sister whom he allegedly murdered.

    Puri and Margraf believe Neverson may now be hiding out in Trinidad under the protection of criminal elements.

    Margraf said, “We got a lot of tips that he is in Trinidad right now. He may have got arrested, actually was in custody at one time.

    “He may be hanging out in Never Dirty, being protected by guerillas, gangs.

    Puri said, “We have heard of several sightings in Trinidad, some from people who actually know him, but no one wants to get involved.

    “The most recent report, within the last month, was he was seen in Never Dirty, but that person won’t come forward to speak to us.”

    Puri admitted, however, that Neverson may have already found another hideout.

    “It’s in the works to come to Trinidad,” he said.

    “America’s Most Wanted (TV show) said he’s in prison in Trinidad. But it’s very hard to verify that, cut the political red tape and so on.” Nevertheless, Puri said the US Marshals Service will be making arrangements with the relevant local authorities.

    However, Deputy Police Commissioner Winston Cooper, when contacted on Wednesday afternoon, said he knew nothing about Neverson and could not verify any request for assistance from the US Marshals Service.

    Police Commissioner Trevor Paul, when contacted on Thursday evening, said: “Those kind of matters I would not broadcast on the media.”

    Puri said anyone wishing to give information about Neverson can do so anonymously by calling 1-880-336-0102.

    “There’s a whole lot of ways we can get you the (reward) money without anyone knowing,” he said.

    America’s most wanted Trini

    Andre Neverson has been featured eight times on the American fugitive-hunting television show America’s Most Wanted, the last one on June 11.

    He is currently on the New York State’s list of 100 most wanted fugitives, the New York Police Department’s 25 wanted list, the US Marshals Service’s 15 most wanted fugitives list and the Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE) agency’s top ten most wanted list.

    Manny Puri, deputy, New York/New Jersey regional fugitive task force of the United States Marshals Service, said: “His (Neverson’s) first crime was when he shot his girlfriend’s uncle. He went to jail for five years, got criminally deported, went to Jamaica, got a fake passport and came back into US around 2000.

    “He was a bouncer at Caribbean clubs, a DJ, and was very much into buying and selling cars and Caribbean music on the Internet.

    “He is still considered to be very dangerous.”

    Neverson’s profile

    Aliases: Troy Michael Anderson, Troy Michael Henderson, Trey Michael Henderson, Andre Humphrey, Andre Henderson.

    Physical characteristics: Very muscular build; bald; may be wearing a dreadlocks wig; sometimes wears a goatee.

    Other characteristics: Speaks with American accent; speaks other languages.

    Habits: Works out a lot; acquaintances say that at times he is very calm and serene, but has a violent temper; has many girlfriends and may be hiding by one now.


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    I don't understand the politcal red tape issue b/c if he committed those crimes in the U.S., what makes Trinidad feel he is not also a threat to their society. If I were them..let the FBI in to find and capture the man

    Anway for those in Trinidad his photo is attached:

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    Quote Originally Posted by LolaMs
    I don't understand the politcal red tape issue b/c if he committed those crimes in the U.S., what makes Trinidad feel he is not also a threat to their society. If I were them..let the FBI in to find and capture the man

    Anway for those in Trinidad his photo is attached:
    Whappen yuh just vex the man eatin better roti than yuh

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    Dem fellas in Morvant waiting for de Yankees an dem to raise de reward money to $100,000 before dey turn him in.........dah kinda money easy for dem to raise, especially wid all de drug money dem police seizing on a daily basis from dem lil street corner dealers.

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    he used to live around by me they've been looking for his ass for years now!
    "If they were appreciated for their personality in the first place, she would not have been told to get extensions or weave when she started out as a reporter. This whole thing would not have been an issue to begin with if these women were appreciated for what was in their heads and on on top it." - Hello BKLYN

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    i thought he was jamaican

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