Look at people! well i hope allyuh know i have a show every thursday night..live to air with only straight soca...i posted about it here a few weeks back...but in anycase..if allyuh want to hear hot soca..and vibes wid yuh dj Mr Rooks...email meh any requests or shout outs...and ill see what i can do for yuh..so no worries...this is how to log in tonoight

(9pm -11pm)

when yuh reach inside de page..click listen..and yuh ready tuh go..try and have Win Amp, ITunes, Windows Media Player...any one fo those should work for you...i was tryin to uplaod the flyer for the show..if someone can tell meh another way to put de flyer up ..im all ears..its just too big to upload! so allyuh just lemme know how yuh want it...! hehehe so until tonight!!