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Thread: TO ALL THE FELLAS....(My weekly PSA, part 2)

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    DJ Trixx

    TO ALL THE FELLAS....(My weekly PSA, part 2)

    As you fellas of Imix are aware, I have started my own personal crusade to inform you of the womenly tricks they do to trap our poor unexpecting souls.

    This is the latest discovery...Ungly nymphomanics have been slipping Mickey's in club to guys, dragging them to undisclosed locations, tying them up and taking this............

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    Not again

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    DJ Trixx
    Originally posted by MoNi
    Not again

    oh yes....and want to know why they go to the doctor so much...take a look at a common procedure they have done when they go...Just click the link, scroll to the middle of the page, and wait for the video to load.

    If we had female doctors giving us such thorough exams, I would go often too.

    Pap Smear Test

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    DJ Trixx
    and to all my club going bothers..alcohol impairs judgement.....If you are under the influence and are talking to a new thing, make sure to always follow her when she tells you she is going to the bathroom

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