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Thread: Alicia Jaggasar sings a happy Parang Tunex

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    Alicia Jaggasar sings a happy Parang Tunex

    Spanish Songstress?

    Alicia Jaggasar sings a happy Parang Tune

    Alicia Jaggasar is well on her way of becoming Trinidad and Tobago’s first Latin singer to break through the international market, much in the footsteps of Latin music giants Gloria Estefan and Julio Iglesias—Tennille Alleyne reports in this article for Trinidad’s Guardian.

    Having held the position of lead singer of Los Alumnos De San Juan Parang Band for the past 25 years, Jaggasar has now taken up music full time, pursuing a degree in the field at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. Her life today is a far cry from her years spent in the insurance field as an agent.

    Jaggasar started her music career at the age of five singing all genres of music. Her musical journeys lead her to the Los Alumnos De San Juan Parang Band as a student where she has taken up her now famous role. “When I joined the band 25 years ago, we all sang lead, however I was the only one who stuck with the band after we left school, so I just took up the mantle,” she said.

    Having won nine National Championships with her band and crowned Parang Queen for eleven years consecutively, Jaggasar was often called upon to assist with schools in their parang competitions. This, she admits, started the watershed for change where her career was concerned. “I found myself being pulled away to do music when I was asked to help out the junior parang bands. It started to take a toll on my work and I always chose the children, so I decided to get accredited,” Jaggasar said of her decision to pursue music full time.

    Although her erstwhile years in music saw her singing varied genres of music, Latin music however holds a special place in her heart. “I gravitated to Spanish from a very early age and I believe if you have to sing Spanish songs you need to have a solid understanding of the language,” said Jaggasar, who is currently studying Spanish privately. The lead singer is also working on her own Latin CD as a solo artiste which she hopes will have a mass international appeal. “I am writing my own music and lyrics and my songs will be about peace, love and songs with Caribbean themes.”

    The Spanish songstress describes the Latin genre as “infectious” and is strongly influenced by Latin icon Juan Luis Guerra. “He reminds me so much of myself because his compositions are soulful and touching. With my CD I am hoping to cover many Latin styles such as Bolero and Meringue. And I would like to make a CD of an international standard, so it will take some time.”

    While pursuing her dreams of Latin pop stardom as a solo artiste, Jaggasar remains committed to her parang group which as expected will be enjoying a bumper parang season this year. “In November we perform just about every other day, but in December we have about three to four engagements daily,” she revealed. The band, comprising 16 singers and musicians rehearses about twice weekly throughout the year. The famous paranderos can be seen performing at private parties, luncheons, corporate functions and Christmas parties. “We constantly change our repertoire so we always have something new to bring,” she said of the group’s song choices for the season.

    When asked what has made Los Alumnos De San Juan the premiere parang band throughout the country, Jaggasar replied, “Hard work and being your worst critic. When you see someone being successful at the end of their journey, you don’t know what they went through to get there,” she said wisely.

    And what does the group envision themselves doing in the future? “We are really looking at taking Parang music out there and getting it heard. We Trinidadians only classify it as Christmas music, but we do not know what we have.”

    While Los Alumnos continues to prepare for their gruelling Christmas season ahead with their staple music lead, Alicia Jaggasar is balancing all her commitments as mother, student and artiste. “Right now I am looking forward to finishing my Latin CD and I hope to tour Latin America with my music. And of course, I cannot forget teaching the children.”

    For the original report go to Alicia Jaggasar sings a happy Parang Tune | The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper
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    Seawall ah going and tief this clip for meh christmas thread. Beautiful voice on that girl.
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