So... Erza Klien is so so fkking sexy to me for some reason (had to get that off my chest). This article got me thinking about Al Gore. Because the economy is picking up, with the exception of foreign policy, long term issues need to be focused on. Elizabeth Warren and Al Gore are the two that will likely implement the most lasting positive changes.
Al Gore should run for president - Vox

Hillary Clinton is crushing her rivals in the invisible primary. The result will be a lopsided race once the campaign turns visible: her likely challengers don't have the name recognition, party support, campaign organization, or funding necessary to force a real contest.

Gore does. He begins with a powerful asset in presidential politics: credibility. As a long-serving senator and a two-term vice president, Gore has more direct political experience, and at least as much claim to the triumphs of the 1990s, as Clinton. He's also won more elections than Clinton including the popular vote in a presidential campaign. There are few Americans who don't at least know his name. There is no one in the Democratic Party who won't at least take his call.