A want to beg you for $1. A not gwine rush you wid di monies cauze a know u went chu fire to get it. Ah promise to share it up wid me family and fren dem and ah also plan to give away some. See di break dung below

10 cents to feed to hungry chirren in me nearbahood
10 cents to feed di hungry chirren the iland way me come from.
10 cents to feed di hungry chirren dem in a sum part a Africa (a gwine haffi switch up cause a nuff countree pan di continent!

If u want a reseat a could send u one, but so dat a doan waste money a would have to sen a tank u note inna di snail mail. To mek sure a do what a say a would do wid di money a will give u di address way me sen it to, an u can ask dem if me did sen dem di 10 cents! An if u still no beleive dat a will send di money just sen me 70cents den and u wouldnt have to worry if me a tek di poor people money. Me would never tek dem money doah. Ah rather beg you a ting dan tief a ting still!

So what de I dem a say? Witch wan ah u doan want gimme 70 cents

So sen on di adress or what, or would u feel better sending it to me account?

Date i want to recieve di dollar by is 31 Dec 2005
Ah want 2 start di New Year rite.