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Thread: 9 bajans on UN roster to be hired

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    9 bajans on UN roster to be hired

    Nine Bajans on UN roster
    Published on: 8/11/06.

    by TONY BEST

    NINE BAJANS have scaled a major hurdle on the road towards professional positions in the United Nations system.

    Dr Chris Hackett, Barbados' United Nations (UN) Ambassador, said the Bajans scored highly and passed the world body's written and oral exams.

    As a result, their names are now on a UN roster and they could be chosen for professional jobs in New York, Paris, Geneva, Rome, Vienna, Nairobi or any other city where the UN has offices and operations.

    "The nine were successful in four occupational groups administration, finance, public information and social affairs," he said.

    "The Barbadians have been informed that they were successful and their names have been placed on a roster for openings. It is quite possible that some may have already received offers of employment but we have not yet been informed about that step.

    "The chances of securing employment with the UN are very good. A lot would depend on the location of the assignment and the willingness of the successful candidates to work in a particular duty station. Given a candidate's success in a particular occupational group, he or she could be offered a position in any of the UN locations."

    Although the UN's headquarters are in New York, the organisation has specialised agencies and operations scattered around the world, including Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, Asia, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

    With the number of Bajans in professional positions declining due to retirement, Dr Hackett undertook an effort to get Barbadians placed in the UN. The organisation's personnel department held competitive exams in Barbados in 2005, the first time that happened since the island joined the body in 1966.

    According to UN documents, six Barbadians are now employed as UN professionals and they are stationed in New York, Geneva, Southeast Asia and Kenya.
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