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Thread: 50 Years of Carnival on Eastern Parkway....

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    Quote Originally Posted by trinifrombx View Post
    Even with all the added police protection the BiHomos still found a way to shame us !

    Now, let's not get it twisted, I understand that every day in NYC we have a murder, but damn, these Lowlives can't wait until Tuesday!

    I guess this is the harsh reality that we will always have crime come Labor Day , the next day, etc.

    We just have no behavior, poor role models, etc.
    DWL. LOL. That is not the answer. Sadly, though, I know what you mean. I always dread the news report the day after.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamaicangirl View Post
    i was with my mother few years ago when I saw someone shoot another person. I thought that we would never return to Eastern Pkwy but we were backin fulll force the next year. I think of it like the terror attacks We can't let the crazies stop us from living our life. That incident was traumatic. I saw the smoke from the gun. My poor mom ran holding her folding chair/stool that we walk with for Labor Day. But both she and I returned the following year. My memories are more good than bad. It used to be the one day each year tht I could eat bammy or gizzarda. Especially when I was living in Jersey or Philly.

    When I was young, I spent a lot of time in New York. I remember going to the parade with my prents and my father putting me on my shoulder to see the floats. I also remember making t shirts with my teenaged cousin to wear to Kiddie's Carnival. When I got older, I used to play Jouvert with a group of girls. Sometimes we just wandered around. One year we joined a band. I had more fun playing Jouvert in Brooklyn than I did playing pretty ma in TnT. And, don't get me wrong, TnT Carnival was incredible. It is just that the fun of Brooklyn Jouvert was indescribable. I remember the satire, the jab jab, the pan, the children, the older ladies dressed in ball gowns and the wild abandon of dancing in the streets of a major city at 3:00 in the morning.

    LaborDay was also when I knew I could buy Jamaican movies and flags and other paraphernalia from the Caribbean that would be hard to find anywhere else. When I started hanging out with non-Jamaicans more, I had the opportunity to sample other foods. I would look forward all year to eating hard tofind Jamaican items but I also discovered Polourie on Eastern Parkway and tried Kenyan food for the first time.

    Also,it used to be that every year, I would see someone that I knew who I hadn't seen in ages. I ran into a friend from grad school with her mom and grandma one year. My mom saw an old friend from before I was born, etc. It was a reunion of sorts.

    I don't know what the solutionis for the violence surrounding the parade. Security is not the answer. Canceling it is not the answer. THe answer is something that a psychologist and a sociologist will have to determine. I don't even tell people about it anymore becuase I am ashamed of the violence. I know many foreigners and used to encourage tourists to go the parade if they were in town for Labor Day. Most people enjoyed it but I would not forgive myself if something happened while they were there.

    In other words, the parade holds a special place in my heart. I missed this year and the past few years and don't know when or if I will ever go again but nothing can taake away the decades of good memories. It will always be that treasured little piece of home in a foreign land.
    Thanks for taking the time to share this....yep, to a lot of us it holds a very special place in our hearts.......a lot of good memories.... ..

    And always broke my heart to see....the headlines at 10pm news....violence at the West Indian day parade....

    Smh, and what was more worrisome were the fools in our hood calling for them to end really, so everyday in NYC we have a violent really think crime then will stop in NYC when we end this parade !

    So yeah.....i dont know what is the solution.....i know we have a lot of misguided yutes!

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