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Thread: 1st labour day-ain't lookin' all dat

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    Unhappy 1st labour day-ain't lookin' all dat this is my 1st labour day an' wit d massive amount ah W.I.'s in de place ya tink at every turn ya go hear some soca boomin from somebody cyar, truck or even ah 'put-put' at some point (especially roun utica)...wha is roun wit is we time, an we have tuh promote d ting...all d other times some of us don't listen to soca, calypso(admit it all allyuh ain't die hard west indians ok) now is d season, blast d ting nah......jeeeezanages!!!eh

    big up 2uh meh lova-winaboi machel an mr.maximus keep representin' an takin d ting tuh higher heights

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    ah doh know bout u .. but my house, car, job.. headphones..everything has soca playing.. for morning to night even when ah sleeping... :p :p

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