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Thread: 110 Killings in 110 days - Trinidad's Murder Rate climbing

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    Quote Originally Posted by VINCYPOWA
    I would love to know about your PAST.

    Apart from the snippets you and others get on Imix, you will have to wait until my autobiography is published!

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    I kno that I will get jump on for saying this but......I not really worried about one of my family members get murdered cause most of the murders are gang related. The only thing i worried abt is one of them getting RAPE or KIDNAP!
    *Insert cool saying here*

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    Quote Originally Posted by TehrryCherry
    Beat them in the Square with the rope before hanging them!

    Hmmm. Can anyone say 'S and M'.

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    Aye...Manning say "who cyar hear go feel!" yuh unerstan! lol Beat de shit outta dem oui licks every Saturday should be part ah dey sentence. Some nice cat-o-nine n soem Birch. lol Terry ah like you.

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    How many is pun de trini police force?

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    Ah notice a lot of beating, lashing and hanging in Woodford Square talk up in here:

    Allyuh sound like allyuh ready for Saudi Arabian justice in T&T.

    As a matter of fact Allyuh sounding like allyuh READY for ah Islamic Republic in T&T.

    Allyuh continue talking-------EVERYBODY watching an listening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vassell junior
    I didnt know it was this bad!

    oh my gosh

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    Quote Originally Posted by vassell junior
    I didnt know it was this bad!
    Wow I think they change the story to the link. However, the new story is even worst and he is killing more people by infecting them with HIV. I hope people read more stories like this to be aware that when some people are hurting they'll be willing to take everyone with them in the process. We need to have more laws on the books for this crime to protect the general public.

    Ian Williams


    A Canadian detective is advising Trinidadian women who had engaged in sexual relations with Ian Williams to seek medical attention.

    “My information is he had HIV before he arrived in Canada,” said detective David Needham of Toronto’s Sex Crimes Unit.

    “We can’t charge him for any of the offences he did in Trinidad, but I’d be happy to speak with any woman who has information,” Needham said in a telephone interview yesterday.

    Williams, 43, who remains in a Canadian jail awaiting trial, was arrested in Toronto on March 8.

    The Sunday Guardian reported that Williams was charged in Canada with criminal negligence causing bodily harm and aggravated assault after he allegedly failed to inform his sex partner he was HIV-positive.

    Canadian police also allege Williams had unprotected sex with several other women and did not disclose his fatal condition.

    “We are going to charge him with more offences...a lot of women are in denial, but I know for a fact he had sexual relations with a lot of women,” said Needham.

    Needham, who is heading the investigation, said Williams could face up to 14 years in prison for each offence.

    Deportation is also a possibility.

    “If he is still a landed immigrant, and not yet a Canadian citizen, he could be deported,” said Needham.

    Williams arrived in Canada in 1993 under the Canadian Seasonal Farm Workers Programme as a fruit picker, but instead of returning to T&T when his contract came to an end, he decided to stay.

    The officer said Williams, who was originally from La Brea but lived in Laventille, will probably remain in custody until his case goes to trial.

    “If he came into the country with HIV, it means he would have been told in Trinidad not to have unprotected sex and to tell his partner,” said Needham.

    “He comes across here and proceeds to work his way through the female population.”

    “Women in Ontario are a lot safer if he remains in custody,” he added.

    The Toronto Star reported that Williams was so charming that he effortlessly took home dozens of women who patronised the three nightclubs where he worked as a doorman.

    Williams even fathered a child with one of the women, said Needham.

    “When you consider the amount of partners he had, who had sex with other partners...It’s a bullet that after three to five years can go off like a time bomb,” he added.

    Needham said several of the women who were involved with Williams did not want to come forward, but with new victims surfacing the detective said the case against Williams is still being built.

    A September 1998 ruling by the Canadian Supreme Court in R vs Cuerrier imposes a legal duty on people living with HIV to declare their status before engaging in sexual behaviour that may put their partner at risk.
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