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Thread: 100 M boost opens doors for section 8

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    100 M boost opens doors for section 8

    My friend that works down by Livingston St told me that when she went out for lunch, the line was around the block. Most of the potential applicants were the wigged woman with all their children

    So if you're eligible, get there early!

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    Interesting news for brooklynites. The rent in Brooklyn is arm and leg
    I would like to Thank all the fake haitians, who came out during the west-indian parade, but who has no roots to Haiti island ,and no haitian accent !!!!!!
    Thanks again see you phony people next year !!!!!!! ,2013.

    (Ayisien,we going to build it nice after the earthq"ke,R.i.p)

    I'm on canal street buying me a Louie belt with my creole Beyonce',B.Gumbal,Lil Fizz ....dont get it twisted haters canal st in new orleans at saks not ny where them fake louie sells

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