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Thread: 1 airline for the Caribbean?

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    1 airline for the Caribbean?

    Found this interesting article about a possible airline merger in the Caribbean

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    interesting indeed, some valid points:

    "Not everyone is sold on the idea of a merger. Air Jamaica, which has lost $70 million in the last year, says it's willing to cooperate with other airlines -- to a limit.

    "The idea that three or four companies that are losing money would merge into one company doesn't make much sense," Air Jamaica president Bruce Nobles said.

    Labor unions worry a merger would mean massive job losses. "Any arrangement that threatens to put workers on the bread line must be of concern to all of us," BWIA union leader Jagdeo Jagroop said.

    Merger supporters include Christie of the Bahamas, Trinidad's Prime Minister Patrick Manning, and Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. "


    "It wouldn't have to be a complete merger, advocates say, but should include high-level cooperation. Fuel could be purchased in bulk at a greater discount, for example, and regulation could be improved by reducing the number of routes, said Luther Miller, financial director at the Caribbean Tourism Organization. "

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    Wouldn't a merger be worst off for us the consumers? Would that not result in a monoploy? No body to compete with lower prices than the other? Not that all the other airlines went to all the caribbean isles but still.. I am not too sure if the pros of a merger would outweight the cons for both the consumer and the airlines alike.
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