this is an important piece of caribbean musical history. cadence classics between 1974 and 1978. you will hear some famous melodies in this if you are a fan of this kind of music. If you are not a fan, check it out. the band is awesome, the brass lines are beautiful, the groove is heavy. this is just a phenomenal album

zSHARE - vikings de la guadeloupe - les precurseurs du zouk

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Vikings Guadeloupe's Les Precurseurs Du Zouk is a compilation of this legendary cadence band's hits from 1974-1978. In the golden era of cadence, Vikings Guadeloupe held a special place in the pantheon of Antilles groups. The style was the precursor to zouk that developed when co-leader Pierre-Edouard Decimus, his brother George Decimus, and studio wizard Jacob Desvarieux combined their talents, eventually forming the group Kassav'. On this compilation, one can experience the appeal of the enormous cadence groups with ample brass and percussion contingents. Some of the tracks such as "Contestation," "Mousse No. 2," "Misic a Neg," "Degagez," and "Ahi Na Ma" are extended groove trains of classic songs on the lips of Antilleans to this day. The creative effect of this group upon subsequent Antillean zouk and other styles of music is held in great esteem by musicians and listeners alike. The technological studio phenomena and the cost of hiring large groups, such as the cadence groups, led to their unfortunate demise in the early 1980s. An extraordinary band and a compilation well worth seeking out for a glimpse of genuine Antillean music without synthetic tweaks. Highly recommended.