Google translation of original French text, so beware. - Interview : Jocelyne Beroard

After playing the mother 's Admiral T in the movie "Neg Mawon" Jocelyne Beroard (Kassav) looks back on a little-known chapter of his career, spending six months in Jamaica as a singer Lee "Scratch" Perry in 1980. An opportunity to discover for the first time friendships icon Zouk with reggae stars and we share his thoughts on the differences between Jamaica and "his" Martinique: Twin sister islands but not ...

Reggaefrance / How have you developed strong friendships with artists like Peter Tosh?
Jocelyne Beroard / Before you even go to Jamaica, I knew a lot of reggae artists. With my sister, we often went to concerts and we had a little while the middle. I have had the chance to meet Marley. Other groups such as the Cimarons, Inner Circle, Third World , Steel Pulse became friends. Peter Tosh too, who came to eat at home, whether in Paris or Martinique. Tosh was the star in all its splendor. One day, I had to find in a Parisian hotel and arrived in the hall on his unicycle! It was pretty funny to see the heads of other clients.

How have you found to work for Lee Perry in Jamaica?
One of their manager told me'' If you wanna go to Jamaica, Lee Perry seeks musicians and singers foreign''. Because at that time, he would no longer work with Jamaicans! It was early 1980. There were English, Germans, completely different people. Working with Perry, it was special and rare ... He always found something else to do than going in the studio. He had an obsession: In the beginning there was the word. " All that went through his head, he wrote on the walls. Having more space on its walls, he attacked the ceiling. There were drawings of gorillas everywhere (period LP'' Return of the Super Ape''). He appealed to the painter is seen in'' Rockers'' for everything sketches. Lee Perry also had a vegetable garden in front of him with banana and between banana grew with beauty, marijuana ... The cops went quietly in front of all these plants, as they came to refuel rolling papers home. Perry received funds by its producers (Dutch) time, and in 1980, the rolling paper was rare in Jamaica. They used the pipe or banana leaves ....

A unique experience on the human but very prolific artistic plan?
We did not record a single track (note: Bed Jammin extract from LP "History Mystery Prophecy" 1981 Beautiful song, but good luck to find the LP.!), A very sex song indeed a horrible thing ( note: in fact, correct and funny slack as Yellowman and General Echo knew to do at that time). It was'' Sweet sweet gimme gimme #################### galore cockie some more ... Open your football, likkle Daata, I wanna tek a good look! '' This is the only song I recorded in six months. In short, six months of paid vacation a Dutch production ... As I already had friends in Jamaica, I spent my time exploring the island. I do not go to Negril (Spa west of the island, ed.) I went downtown, but always accompanied, as it was too hot. I met some great people! Musically, I also recorded a 45 rpm with my buddies Third World . This is a reggae version of the generic film'' Roots'' had done Quincy Jones, with all that goes with dubs. It was called Many Rains Ago, Letta Mbulu was (Great singer of South Africa, ed) who had sung out. I loved this song and the Third World , everything was done in one night. Producers Holland have never exit. I have a copy somewhere in my K7, but not a proper thing!

Perry was interested in it because you're Martinique?
No. Perry was in his trip. He did not want the dealer at the time with people who wore locks ... When he learned that I had, he said,'' Really? It's okay ...'' I was the only black in the group and he loved me.

Dreadlocks, it was frowned upon in Martinique at the time?
It was mostly very rare. It was around 79. Not to offend my father, I always left the house covered with a hat or head scarf. They were beautiful my locks, I was looking, the parfumais .... I kept them for about two years. I've cut on a whim in August 80 in Spain, I was too hot ... But I might take this hairstyle one day because I'm not fond of hair salon.

For you, what are the major differences between Jamaica and Martinique?
The size and mentality too. Jamaica is much larger, richer than Martinique ... They bauxite, do not forget. When I went there, I wanted to see what it was like more than my own island. Whether waterfalls, beaches, everything was great! And the history of colonization ... I think English and French colonization have nothing to do ... Today, we remark ... Martinique is a department while Jamaica is independent and that changes everything. There the way people behave is totally different. The mentality is'' démmerde now! '' People can pick and choose, with us you have to go elsewhere, and we expect or hope for assistance. The fact that they speak English also gives them an opening to the world easier for music. But the base, the original story is the same. Ways people too, I remember one day in the car, windows up, because we were in a neighborhood'' hot'' I watched two women talking outside, I could not hear exactly what but they said they had exactly the same intonation, the same gestures that other women might have to Martinique.

The traditions level, have you been surprised by the lack of percussion in Jamaica?
That is true. But there are still ... They also have their rhythms, their own ... I had the opportunity to discover through a memorable evening with the Third World in Jamaica ... Monday evening, a full moon ... Invited by a priestess (a wise woman dixit buddies) in his house in the middle of the Jamaican countryside. She said she had too much energy and this energy was redistributed to those who were there. For a few minutes, I freaked out a bit and asked myself what I was doing. Finally, thinking more positively, I concluded that if there was positive energy to take, for that matter, why not? She started to dance on the drums (played by Third World ) and send energy. I was in a corner of the house surrounded by people who were praying, a little trance. At the end, she gave us drawings with writing, which was, she said, the first human language forgotten. When she learned that I was not from Jamaica, she gave me a different design from that of others. It was quite disturbing as evening .... I still do not know how to read that there was writing on my paper, but I kept ...