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Thread: LAMBADAS, Cadence, & soca

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    LAMBADAS, Cadence, & soca

    A couple of weeks ago, a friend showed me a series lambada LPs that he had bought in Brasil. However, these "lambada" LPs were actually compilations of cadence, soca and zouk (after all, lambada is a mix of AfroBrasillian and Caribbean music). For example, volume 1 sounds more Haitian than Antillean, but i can't place the group. Songs from that volume include: Rosalie, Madam en moin laissez moin, Bell femm pas ka tadu, & assilia. Volume 2 consists of old songs by LES AIGLONS and the AS MELHORES volume has a mix of cadence, soca by Arrow and Ed Watson, and zouk by Experience 7. At the time, I wasn't in the mood to digitize the 5 or more volumes that he showed me. I did, however, find them on the web days later and the links are below (ripped from someone's CDs). Who know if the Brasillian producers got the rights from Les Aiglons, Arrow and the other artists to release this stuff.

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    MÚSICA NA VEIA: Resultados da pesquisa lambadas

    Lambadas Internacionais Volume 1 Download Links
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    oh damn research i will check it out !! n get back 2 u on vibes etc..
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