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Thread: Original Sound Boy Killing by W.I.C.

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    Angry Original Sound Boy Killing by W.I.C.

    This little bowy name Jeremy Silverstien who owns Karibbean Spice messed with the wrong person! Harassment for 3 years and nobody wants to do anything stupid postings on facebook.... put out 3 "CLASH STYLE" CD's against myself and my company (WIC - West Indian Connection) then attack's on my wife....then declare yourself the winner, you want a crown....I haven't even started you shouldn't have put your VOICE everywhere on CD's and the internet YOU JACKASS....take a Listen but watch the video first!!!!!!!!

    I am gonna take you back to a time when dance was nice and tunes made you feel something inside

    here is the link to the CD Click Here

    or purchase here
    Click Here

    Original Sound Boy Killing by W.I.C.-original-sound-boy-killing-banner-no-head.jpg
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