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Thread: LOL...Kartel Fraid...bumbaa...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Insane View Post
    plz if kartel get dem offers he would take it in a heart beat lol..

    yeah but you can say da same for bounty and beenie and dey have a stronger European and Asian following than kartel. Kartel still haven't even touch places like japan in his life... only a few european countries he ever reach was france and holland earlier in de year.
    but just because he never visited certain countries dont mean a thing, them same people rate him enough to go online and PURCHASE his music.
    Imitate his style, slang, dancehall today is NOT what dancehall was even 15 years ago, its all about hype/image/bare ################ery.

    I rate mavado, his music is tough same way, as far as lyrics, the way he delivers a song, but, vibes is the same thing some might even say better, its just that the hype is on him.

    People follow hype, its all about the hype, the world clings to false images, and that's just the bottom line.

    Quote Originally Posted by Qadamawi View Post
    Royalties from what? he dont sell records....musse de street vybz rum he sell

    lol @ kartel turning down collabs....

    and he hasnt been in japan for dem to love him

    i will say this , his popularity in Ja is something i havent seen in forever...Until him get a visa which is unlikely he wont be big
    r u kidding me? an artist does not have to touch down in an area to be loved.
    Jah cure never touch the states, and he is loved highly.
    You forget we live in the grand era of the WWW, everything thing is digital and his music sells online, air play, satellite radio the list goes on
    He writes for numerous people, he is collecting all types of royalties
    itunes/zune/amazon killed records, no ones buys those things anymore lol

    Quote Originally Posted by optimizm View Post
    SBB, you tripping. Kartel is not that big as you making him out to be. He's probably bigger now than he was in other parts of his career, but to say he would sell out MSG is far fetched.
    Once again, I am not a vibes fan, and I am absolutely not trying to make him look big, him and society already accomplished that lmao.
    the dude controls an entire generation with his foolishness.
    his hype is like the same trance everybody's favorite lesbo brought on the scene, lmaooo

    When this whole topic came up the other night, I was not even interested to get into or receive any details about this cause, true me nah rate him for the bleaching aspect of his life but, certain things was brought to my attention, I did a little research and the fact is, the phenomenon vibe is carrying, holds more weight right now than any other artist in a very long time.

    For example, look how palance get so much damn hype,
    Everybody was psyched into liking that retarded song,
    all because that was the hype at a certain time.
    the crap won road march because oncenagain simon says jump that
    will be the order.
    Marcus Garvey said you would not know yourself till your back is against the wall. It gone through the wall now.

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    smaddy plz show me 1 fukry song by movado las year

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    LOL @ the fools who said kartel was gonna get murdered

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    Quote Originally Posted by Audree View Post
    he is in high demand right now, the minute he step foot in the us, promoters will be scraping to get at him. him and jah cure is top of the list for us appearances but, we already know the politics of that.
    Kartel will have to make his money at home. He can't leave
    Jamaica with the cases hanging over his head so he won't get
    the chance to show what kind of draw he really is. It isn't politics,
    Kartel has no one to blame but himself.
    Think For Yourself

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