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Thread: 10 Best Videos of 2008.

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    Thumbs up 10 Best Videos of 2008.

    Top 10 videos of 2008
    Kevin Jackson, Observer Writer
    Friday, January 09, 2009

    The year 2008 saw an increase in the output of music videos. Video directors including Ras Kassa, Julia Braham, Jason 'Jay Will' Williams, Michael 'Ras Tingle' Tingling, Scorpio 21, Winston Mayhew, Nordia Rose, Rick Elgood and 13 Tribe were among the directors kept
    busy throughout the year working on several video related projects.

    For the most part, the videos churned out were of good quality while some should never have left the editing suite. For our music video industry to really take off in a big way, directors need to get more creative and utilise equipment of superior quality.
    Below are my picks for the top ten videos of 2008
    based on quality, creativity, and popularity. These rankings are in no particular order.

    The Mission: Stephen Marley and Damian Marley
    Directed by Ras Kassa

    Great concept and the creative juices were definitely flowing on this one. It goes to show that you don't have to fork out a huge chunk of money to get a decent video done. The quality was good, and the camera movements were commendable. The Mission was one of the videos that kept music video fans glued to their television screens during 2008.

    In My Life: Terro 3000
    Directed by Scorpio 21

    Newcomer Terro 3000 hit the right notes with this track which sampled Foreigner's I Want to Know What Love Is. Directed by the team of Scorpio 21, In My Life drew interest from its effective storyline, camera movements, and creativity.

    Winner: Konshens
    Directed by Winston Mayhew

    Winston 'Tyson' Mayhew has a knack for transforming lyrics into an effective storyline. Winner, the debut solo video for newcomer Konshens hit home and was right on the money.

    Just Like in the Movies: Natural Black
    Directed by Ras Tingle

    A great comeback video for Natural Black. There were cameo appearances from a few entertainment personalities. The execution of the storyline came across effectively.

    Tic Toc: Busy Signal
    Directed by Ras Kassa

    Another video which scored big on creativity was Busy
    Signal's Tic Toc. The scene with the girl taking the stick from Busy Signal's hand was not only amusing but quite creative.
    Mus Come a Road:

    Must Come A Road: Mr Vegas
    Directed by Winston Mayhew

    From the onset this video was a winner. From the fashion flashback to the late 1970's to early 1980's to the gritty
    setting and easily identifiable storyline, Mus Come a Road
    had the ingredients that kept viewers entertained.

    Back it Up: Leftside and Sean Paul
    Directed by Kimala Bennett

    It wasn't her best work but Kimala Bennett certainly pulled it off with the bouncy Back it Up by Leftside and Sean Paul. What made this video stand out for me, were the sexy girls, the lighting and the tight choreography. The video was also properly edited.

    Shootout: Mykal Rose
    Directed by Rick Elgood

    Director Rick 'Rixta' Elgood's stocks rose after he directed the Mykal Rose clip for the chart topping single Shootout. A remix later followed featuring Damian 'Junior Gong' Marley. However, I preferred the original clip. The storyline is quite simple and the characters played their roles effectively.

    What Have I Done To You: Bugle
    Directed by Julia Braham

    Julia Braham made a serious attempt to improve on the quality of her work in 2008. Bugle's What Have I Done to You is testament to that. The song's lyrics were translated in an effective way onto the screen. The dark scenes added
    some drama to the clip, and
    the camera movements were commendable.

    Bad Man Don't Cry: Shaggy
    Directed by Jay Will

    Without a doubt Jay Will's best work in 2008. From the heavy line-up of cameos from celebrities and entertainment figures to the brilliant concept, this video became an instant hit. It was good to see Milk back on the television screen!

    Honorable mentions:
    Different Page: I-Octane - directed by Junior Arrows and Anju Val (YouTube - Different Page (Official Video) - I-Octane)
    Stronger: D'Angel - directed by Ras Tingle (YouTube - D'Angel - Stronger)
    Money Machine: Assassin - directed by Julia Braham (YouTube - Money Machine - Assassin feat. Sadiki)
    Messenger: Tessanne Chin - directed by Ras Tingle (YouTube - Tessanne Chin - Messenger)
    Dancers Anthem: RDX - directed by Rick Elgood (YouTube - RDX - DANCERS ANTHEM OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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