Notice the five 'I wills' of David in Psalm 101: 1) 'I will sing of
mercy and judgment...' (v.1). When dealing with others, some of us are
all mercy and no justice; others are all justice and no mercy. God
requires both 2) 'I will behave myself wisely...' (v.2). People are more
impacted by your behaviour than by your beliefs. Your children may not
always follow your advice, but count on it, they'll follow your
footsteps. Those not persuaded by your theology, can still be won by
your love and lifestyle 3) '...I will walk within my house with a
perfect heart' (v.2.). Charity begins at home. If your family thinks
you're joyless and judgemental, you'll never attract them to Christ.
David prayed, '... how I need Your help, especially in my own home,
where I long to act as I should' (Psalm 101:2 TLB) 4) 'I will set no
wicked thing before mine eyes...' (v.3). Get real. Television is on
seven hours a day in most homes. So ask yourself: 'What am I exposing
myself and my family to?' What you tolerate, you've no right to complain
about! You say you've no time to read God's Word and pray. No, the truth
is, you don't have a strong enough desire to 5) 'I will early destroy
all the wicked...' (v.8.). The Living Bible states, 'I will not tolerate
anyone who secretly slanders his neighbours; I will not permit conceit
and pride. I will make the godly of the land my heroes, and invite them
to my home...' (Psalm 101:5-6 TLB). Those are five 'I wills' you should
live by.