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Thread: Criteria for the last 2 games (T&T vs Bahrain)

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    Criteria for the last 2 games (T&T vs Bahrain)

    Only 2 games left before we know who goes to the world cup between T&T and Bahrain.

    Play-offs and away goals
    In addition to the European play-offs, the team finishing fifth in Asia will play off against the team coming fourth in the North, Central American and Caribbean zone, and the winner of the Oceania preliminary competition will play off against the fifth-placed team from South America for a place in Germany.

    For these matches, the knock-out (cup) system will apply (as per Art. 7.9 of the Regulations). This means that for the home and away matches, the team having scored most goals in both games will qualify.

    If both teams score the same number of goals in both matches, the goals scored away will be counted as double. If the same number of goals is scored away or both matches end without any goals being scored, two 15-minute periods of extra time shall be played after the second match. If the score is level after extra time, penalty kicks shall be taken to determine the winner.

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    Good Info...

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