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Thread: how much

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    how much

    see poll

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    ok so i might sound like a real fool to some people and really cheap to others
    i only let two people do my hair cuz i dont like when people play wit it, and they have beauticians that play wit people hair
    1. Martha, my Dominican beautician has been doin my hair since i was like 15-16yrs old, i tip her $5 for perms and wash and set
    2. Suzette, my "do" beautician has been doin my hair since i was like 18 yrs old and i tip her bet $5-$10 dependin on what she does to my hair, i go to her for perms, wash and set, updo's, short cuts(dat was a while ago-i keep some length to my hair now). shes hardly eva in town so i dont get my hair done by her often

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