"Wear it with pride as a symbol of hope and solidarity in the fight against breast cancer"

Putting the Brakes on Breast Cancer
This year, Ford and several celebrities (shown below) are uniting to fight breast cancer. They're inviting you to wear your heart on your sleeve, in your hair or even around your neck by tying on a silk scarf designed exclusively for Ford by acclaimed designer Lilly Pulitzer. Scroll down to read how they're committed to the cause

"Once she heard the facts on how young some breast cancer patients are, Regina King became more proactive with her own health. "I used to put off going to the doctor, but now I have standing appointments twice a year and I do breast self-exams every month."
At the age of 20, women should begin performing monthly breast self-examinations and scheduling clinical breast exams with a trained medical professional at least once every three years. "It's very important for all women - even very young women - to be aware of their bodies and take charge of their health."
And awareness doesn't end there. "Wearing this scarf is another step toward being more active. It's not only beautiful itself, but reminds me of all the beautiful women who are breast cancer survivors."

-Regina King

There are other ways of showing support, wearing a pink ribbon, a pink scarf, something, and if someone asks you let them know you're wearing it for a cause, your commitment to the cause of breast cancer awareness! And educate yourself too so not only can you inform others but you can save yourself!
Here are some great websites to learn more about Breast Cancer and how you can support, if it's by wearing a pin, giving donations, giving support to one who maybe affected by Cancer, just show your support!