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Caribbean Fashion, culture and style have touched the world. When the Harlem Dance Theatre’s Firebird hit the stage in the 1970’s it was dressed in the stunning designs of Trinidadian, Geoffery Holder. When the first black face graced Vogue it was Mounia of Martinique. Not only did ites, gold and green icon Bob Marley make
the cover of Time as musician of the millennium, but Pulse supermodel Lois Sameuls also made magic as a Vogue covergirl.

......Caribbean Fashionweek, now is in its third year, is an emphatic celebration of the voluptuous energies that continue to inform all elements of Caribbean design, fashion and street style. Coming off in spectacular form November 7-11, 2001 in Kingston, Jamaica, CFW’s inauguration dared to unify and clearly demarcate the indelible marks our Caribbean talent produce in the world of fashion and design. 2002’s stunning renewal proved that Caribbean fashion is here to stay.
The Pulse Entertainment Group though it fit that bold statement be first made in the true millennium, 2001. With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, Pulse is the undisputed Caribbean leader in this arena. This is especially relevant to an event like Caribbean Fashionweek, given the Pulse reputation as having managed some of our best fashion concepts – world-renown runway beauty and talent and now Fashionweek.
There can be no better vehicle for such a heretic and ambitious concept. Bringing together designers from the region is no small feat. In 2003 Pulse and its partners will do it again…couture, ready-to-wear, accessories and related products from around the Caribbean and other parts of the world will all be on display. And naturally so, seeing that our creative talent has specialized and refined their various design disciplines and undeniable excellence.
Twenty fashion shows as well as a mini trade exhibition were presented by Pulse in 2002 in collaboration with Jampro, JBDC, Digicel, Clairol, Smirnoff, the Jamaica Tourist Board, BWIA, TVJ, The Hilton and other sponsors. Not only did they deliver the answers to the business queries of this thing we call Caribbean fashion and glamour, they also showcased them to the world. Once again Fashion TV and Pulse’s own Caribbean Fashion Weekly beamed CFW to more than 120 countries around the globe.
Caribbean Fashionweek reminds us that when the runways are dismantled and the flashbulbs stop, it is sheer discipline, talent and courage that propel the producers in this competitive industry to remain in their trade.
November 2001, the process leading to the inauguration, last November 2002, this November and the coming years will magnify these traditions, of course, all dresses up in the finest fare the design industry has to offer.
Welcome again to the experience