Hello...I'm author Sonya Lavette Bell and my new novel, Butterflies in Bronzeville is out. What's it about? My new Novel, Butterflies in Bronzeville is ready to be read. It is a book for those who are adventurous and love culture.

The story takes place in 1962 Chicago, a time of innocence, before the turbulence of the sixties would literally change the world.

The characters are best friends from the Bronzeville neighborhood on Chicago's south side. Gwynette Burgess, and Gwynette's best friend, Bonita "Bunny" Thompson are the butterflies in this tale; each transforming everyone they encounter. They are all typical youngsters, wild, carefree, and full of hope, and promise. It is a coming of age tale that moves with poetry and rhythm, engaging the reader to have fun with all the characters as they explore life, with no fear, believing they can do anything.

The inspiration for this book was prompted by my high school reunion and my love for my hometown of Chicago.

It's a fun read...and a story you'll want to share with those you love as well.

Tell me what you think!