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Thread: Terri Lyons gets Kaisorama crown.

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    Man ah Barbeerian bound tuh be by de bar beer in meh hand beastly cold.

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    Hopefully she can win the ISM Soca Monarch crown tonight also!!

    Terri Lyons cops Kaisorama's Social Commentary crown
    Published on Feb 24, 2017, 12:20 pm AST
    By Donstan Bonn, Multimedia Desk (Trinidad Express)

    winning rendition: Terri Lyons is in full flow during Kaisorama at the Northern Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA), Port of Spain, on Thursday. Lyons won the Social Commentary category with "My Phrase". Photo: ISHMAEL SALANDY

    Soca diva Terri Lyons showed her versatility as a performing artiste when she delivered a majestic performance to the cop the Social Commentary segment at Kaisorama 2017, dubbed The Night of Champions.

    Thursday's show proved to be rich in quality and Lyons made masterful use of the stage, having her audience glued to her every move as she rendered a surreal rendition of her thought provoking calypso “The Phrase”. The song speaks to the subliminal messages carried by some words or phrases and how the play on the human brain, controlling thought patterns, actions and mindsets.

    In her message, Lyons said the phrase 'Black and Ugly' was concocted to mess with the psyche of people of African descent and called on them to reject any words or phrases bearing negative connotations.

    During her performance she emphasized the punchline “I'm proud to be black.”

    It was a performance that won the crowd over, as well as the judges.

    Sasha Ann Moses was also good in her delivery of “Main Witness”, a song that highlighted the poor treatment meted out to state witnesses in the interest of justice. “Why should I be treated like the guilty one?” Moses sang, as she decried how those in protective custody are taken away from society and treated like prisoners. She copped second place for a riveting performance.

    Myron B in his impersonation of fellow calypsonian Chalkdust in his delivery of "More Mad Than Me" at Kaisorama in Port of SPain, on Thursday. Photo: ISHMAEL SALANDY

    And Lornette Nedd-Reid, who goes by the sobriquet 'Fya Empress', took third for her 2017 offering “Guilty”, a tale of her accepting the consequences of her illegal response to discovering her husband in bed with a man.

    In the Humourous segment, Heather MacIntosh was her usual crafty self in performing “Games”, a song depicting the games big men play to avoid -what they deem an embarrassing act- being tested for prostate cancer. She called on them to 'check themselves'. However, MacIntosh had to settle for second as Myron Bruce (The Increbible Myron B) swayed the judges enough with his tongue-in-cheek “More Mad Than Me”.

    Myron B attest to being a mad man and went on to impersonate a police officer, spiritual leader and USA's president Donald Trump as he highlighted the 'mad decisions' these figureheads make, throwing significant picong in the direction of President Anthony Carmona, who was in the audience. He labeled Carmona as mad for trying to blow citizens mind with the Jesus stunt of turning water into presidential wine.

    He then switched to a Chalkdust impersonation, calling out both the present and past government-in typical Chalkdust fashion. He questioned the Opposition's perceived reluctance to agree to the FATCA Bill and then turned his focus to Colm Imbert, singing:

    “We Finance Minister is an evil dwarf, every time he tax we he does laugh
    "Like recession is a big joke for he, St Ann's they want to take me
    "But it's so very clear to see, so much ah people out there more mad than me."

    Maria La Caille, left, and her supporting cast of a Reema Carmona look-alike, as she performs "First Lady" in winning the Political Commentary category at Kaisorama on Thursday. Photo: ISHMAEL SALANDY

    And in the Political Commentary category, Maria Bhola La Caille emerged victorious with “First Lady”, a piece directed at Reema Carmona, the wife of President Carmona. Victoria Cooper (Queen Victoria) took second with “The Call To Pray and Selvon Noel (Mistah Shak) was third with “Twilight Zone”.


    Social Commentary

    1. Terri Lyons – “The Phrase” - $25,000
    2. Sasha Ann Moses – “Main Witness” - $15,000
    3. Lornette “Fya Empress” Nedd-Reid – “Guilty” - $10,000

    Humourous Category
    1. Myron B – “More Mad Than Me” - $25,000
    2. Heather MacIntosh – “Games” - $15,000
    3. Haven “Snakey” Charles – “Bowl 4 Bowl” - $10,000

    Political Commentary
    1. Maria La Caille – “First Lady” - $25,000
    2. Victoria Cooper – “The Call To Pray” - $15,000
    3. Selvon Noel – “Twilight Zone” - $10,000
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    I like Terry long time. Its really is nice to see that finally her sheer determination in the game is starting to pay off. She is also in the power soca and in calypso monarch finals. Mad props to her!
    I hath 9 and 90 tribulations and nary a one doth concern a wench!

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