In case you haven't heard of OSRS gold the particular Jmod do not worry. Jason arrived on board during 2018 and is a Product Developer at Jagex. He has focused on getting RuneScape at a state. There is no mean feat and he's got plenty of experience in the ideal areas . He certainly appears to know what he's doing, with a career than includes an on the move Hunger Games, along with Disney Interactive, Lord of the games that are mobile. More importantly combine if we understand what we're doing in our chat with 22, as while we figure out.

Hi Jason. Thank you for talking to us today. I've been with Jagex for two months and a year and it has been a really interesting experience. From what I understand, you're among the driving forces behind mobile? Yeah and I had been hired initially to basically drive all the products that were mobile . What I'm doing is that my type of remit has broadened a bit since then. But at the moment it's laser focusing on RuneScape cellphone and ensuring we get the potential from that item.

So among the things that kind of strikes me about RuneScape, is that the platforms and systems that power that experience are diverse. A number of them might have been around since before the game launched and now you're trying to utilize all of this new stuff tech that was responsive. What type of challenges have you encountered sorting it all out and doing all of that? To my knowledge we're not the only company that is faced with those challenges? Day-to-day obviously, that tech actually hinders for what we could do the optimizations, but.

I feel some of the things which speeds out it is currently updating to use C++ versus Java. These items really evolve in a way which really caters to what we actually need for the long term. Occasionally it does slow us down a bit, but a good deal of our perseverance that sort of pushes us to best ways to make money on osrs make sure that we can actually finish it even though, yes, as it comes down to really switching tech from you to the other, there is some challenges .