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Thread: Instagram and Facebook

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    Instagram and Facebook

    Maybe the wrong forum for this but I think the Imixers who visit here regular will be more interested

    Facebook and Instagram

    The main way Instagram is being used is through using this with Facebook. There are several businesses upon taking a picture of a product or something, are going to find this picture is going to be immediately posted onto the social media site. This can easily be done through using the application, which is going to allow the option to post the picture directly to their Facebook page. This is going to allow for followers of their Facebook page in order to find out what the business has posted which could be of interest. There are those who buy Instagram followers in order to start their marketing a bit earlier, and this is something every business is going to want to consider doing.

    Facebook does allow for the pictures to be seen by more people than if the business were to rely on just the SEO of their picture alone. This can also be helped since the business can buy Instagram likes, which will help through reposting this picture by those who feel others would benefit from seeing this picture or would be interested in what the business is offering the consumer market.

    Should you use Facebook with Instagram?

    Though the use of Facebook with Instagram is something most businesses automatically do, it does take a bit of extra time in order to make this work. However, it is an extra step that every business should utilize in order to increase their exposure to the consumer market. Though it does take a bit of time to make these pictures go to Facebook, it is well worth it in the end. Those who do utilize Facebook with their Instagram pictures are going to find this benefits their business even more than, if they were to simply take the picture. In an economy in which businesses are having to do whatever they can do in order to make ends meet, this is just one marketing technique to use in order outdo the competition.
    How Instagram Strengthens Facebook : My VoiceTv

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    I dont do either

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    in time i will i guess.. but now i dont think my fb and instagram are linked.
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    What difference does it make Facebook owns Instagram , any how facebook is way better than instagram that's my opinion !!!!
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    I really like your site and especially this post with lots of good and informative information. Very helpful to me.
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    I prefer Facebook as it offers more possibilities. Instagram is limited to video/photo, whereas Facebook's posts can just be text, photo, video, link, etc. Facebook also has better posting systems. more features, better User Interface, Better cross platform support (PC, Windows Phone, OS X, iPhone, Android etc.) Also the biggest win is that FB has more users and has been around longer than IG

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