Plotagraph Pro impresses at PhotoPlus Expo 2016

New York, USA - There are few events that are as vibrant, colorful, culturally transcending and historically relevant on a global scale, like the elements of Carnival (Costumes, Live Performances, Steelband & Music). Capturing these essential elements through still images has always been a critical and crucial aspect in preserving the showcasing of the storytelling and human components of those practicing these art forms.

And - our WST (When Steel Talks) pick of the ‘must-have’ on the technology list this year at the PhotoPlus Expo 2016 is the software Plotagraph Pro, without a doubt. In past PhotoPlus Expo events WST reported on hardware developments like drones, cameras, etc.

With the advancements in technology - sound, audio, video and film have achieved new levels of clarity and realism. Surround sound, 3D, IMAX, 4K and more have all contributed to the most sought-after sensory mixes all designed to stimulate, and thus simulate, the ultimate experience. Unfortunately in the age of continued advancements, still photographs have remained mainly motionless, and any changes in that format meant considerable work, through multiple software packages. Well - until now.

The folks at Plotagraph have found a way to efficiently and successfully, bring animation to still images in a big way. The primary team and movers behind this initiative is a threesome. George RedHawk, who describes himself as a ‘motion artist’ and calls it ‘the future of art’ was originally brought on board as a consultant. “I express the way I see the world with my limited sight (RedHawk is legally blind); it just grew, people started noticing.” This included artists, management personnel, and much more. And when Plotagraph was added to that list, he says “...they decided to take it to the next level and create a professional-level, quality product.”

Enter here company co-founders: Co-Creator and President Sascha Scheider (fine arts background in painting and business) and CEO and professional photographer Troy Plota (also renowned for his finesse in the 3D digital imaging field). “We merged together to create this software,” explains Sascha. “We now have George RedHawk with us; he’s a professional digital artist...he’s working with artists from all over the world.” Essentially, they put their talents together. “The whole market has changed. Still images are still popular, but they’re not quite as captivating as dynamic content,” continues Sascha.

The quest was on for the means to assist photographers and artists in having their work animated, and as digitally relevant and showcased without having to do formal video. Flipping through images visualized through Plotagraph Pro as she spoke, Sascha went on, “The whole mission is to give the photographers and artists and people who take still images the opportunity now to bring their images and work to life....We need to make an image come to life. What is the best way to do that?” From the results, it appears that in Plotagraph Pro they have the tool to make this manifest.

With this in mind, the Plotagraph Pro software was put to work by George RedHawk in one of the ‘still’ images WST recently captured at New York’s 2016 J’Ouvert; the stunning results can be seen below. When George first saw this image, he immediately pointed out the potential areas that he would look at for animation, the various contrasts and patterns that provided substance, and work that could be done given the textures and shadows existing in the picture.
From J’Ouvert 2016 in New York - animated by GEORGE REDHAWK at Plotagraph Pro

Plotagraph Pro takes still imagery to the next level in a captivating and dynamic manner - the key word being “dynamic.” The viewer is allowed to ‘live’ a unique experience not normally obtainable through still photos.
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