When the users of QuickBooks Payroll come across the issue of not being able to calculate their taxes, then this might cause significant problems. To resolve this malfunction, users can take up the below-given solution:
● The users must ensure that their QuickBooks software is up to date. If there is any pending update available, they must get it installed at the earliest.
● Users should also check the table of the agency where the tax table is available. Ensure that the wage of the agency and tax table are updated at equal timing and check for any glitch that might be present.
● Check whether the tax table which is being used for calculation is not outdated. If you have an obsolete table, then you might come across this error.
● This issue can also arise when there is some issue with the tax rate. Hence users must verify the rates at the earliest to completely eliminate the problem.
If you are unable to solve the issue using the steps given above, then the users would promptly have to connect with QuickBooks support. This service can be accessed on a 24-hour basis by the users.