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Thread: Yuh Know Is A Trini When.....

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    Yuh Know Is A Trini When.....


    Just in case yuh forget that you is one ah we!!

    yuh paint yuh front steps red.
    yuh know what is a twin chenettte
    yuh know how to mop drop.
    yuh know how to skin a manicou
    yuh know what is "licks". yuh get "licks" with a guava whip.
    yuh could name 3 kinds a mango.
    yuh know what "snatty nose" and "dongs" is.
    yuh know how to scootch somebody.
    yuh know how to take a "cowboy" with a KLIM pan.
    yuh know how to brakes a fall with a drink in yuh hand.
    yuh know how to make almost falling down a part of yuh walk.
    yuh could point with yuh mouth.
    yuh could make chow with anything....anything!
    yuh know how to storm a party.
    yuh have a "jep ness" in yuh gallery. yuh get sting by them same
    "jep".................................................. and try to kill
    the "jep" with a broom and get sting again!
    yuh drink anything with ice in it. yuh shake the glass with ice for what you cyar answer ,ent? yuh EAT the ice when yuh finish the drink.
    yuh eat doubles for breakfast and lunch and dinner if yuh could
    yuh put ketchup and pepper sauce on yuh Marios pizza .mustard if yuh like that too.
    yuh does bite up the chicken bone then spit it out on the plate even if yuh eating out.
    yuh eat bread and condense' milk .
    yuh have worms and scratch yuh bottom when nobody looking.
    yuh find digging yuh nose is a pleasurable way to kill time.
    yuh does call any hot drink "tea". yuh does dip yuh bread in yuh tea.
    yuh does wash "wares" and them same "wares" is plastic spoon and styrofoam cup,why yuh savin them ?yuh don`t want to use the good "wares"
    if some body "poom" yuh ask if they eat egg.
    yuh like to smell yuh "poom" to see what yuh eat last time (yuh nasty ent?)
    yuh does say "boy" at the start of a sentence.
    yuh does say "man" at the end of the the person grow up between the sentence ent?
    yuh does get "vex" not angry.
    yuh does call any vaccination an "injection"
    yuh once own a bata (watchekong) to go to school and coast them . "ENT" means yes , no , really ,true etc. etc.
    yuh mother does make the best sweet bread and pelau.
    yuh father beat yuh for no reason.(abuse)and when yuh cry he ask "what yuh cryin for"?
    yuh ''fadda'' is the strongest man and could "beat up" everybody "fadda".
    yuh shorten sentences by saying "whayuhsayin" and "whahappenin".
    yuh does say "LONG TIME" instead of saying "YES I`M DONE" when sombody ask yuh if yuh finish a job.
    fellas , yuh flirt by having a foolish grin while raising yuh eyebrows.
    yuh does ask for a "paper plastic bag".
    yuh know the meaning of "dotish".
    yuh own a cutlass.
    yuh break biche at least once in yuh life.
    for you rain is a good excuse to miss school and work. yuh could be living on a hill and somehow the place get flood out.
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    Thats true but i never wear ah watchekong or break biche.:p

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