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    Good One

    A lday walks into a bar and sees a really cute guy sitting, she thengoes up to the guy and asks him what are you drinking. He answers "magical beer".
    She thinks he is a little crazy and walks around to the other side of the bar, after realizing that there is no one else there worth talking to she goes back to the guy and says, "thats not really magic beer is it?"
    He says yes i'll show you. He then takes a gulp of beer and jumps out of the window and flies around the building three times and comes back in the window."i bet you can't do that again" she said.
    He then takes another gulp of beer, jumps out of the window, flies around the building three times and comes back in the window. She is so amazed that she says that she wants a magic beer, so the guy calls to the bartender and says " give her one of what i'm having. She gets the drink and finishes it, she the leaps out of the same window and plummets 30 stories breaks every bone in her body and dies.
    The bartender looks up at the guy and says "you know, Superman your'e a real asshole when your'e drunk."

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