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    Talking the dentist

    There was this guy who went to the dentist to get a tooth pulled.
    First off the dentist said, "I'll give you a shot to numb your jaw."
    But the guy said, "No, please don't do that, I'm afraid of needles."
    The dentist said, "OK, I'll get out the gas to put you to sleep."
    However the guy said, "Nope, I'm allergic to the gas."
    So the dentist said, "Just a minute, I'll go look for something else."
    After awhile he came back with a couple of pills.
    The guy asked, "What kind of pills are those?"
    The dentist said, "Viagra."
    The guy said, "WHAT! Why these?"
    The dentist said, "They won't help the pain, but they'll give you
    something to hang on to while I pull your damn
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