A warm sunny climate, pearly white sand beaches and classic scenery awaits one and all in St Kitts. Tourism is the main source of income for this island. The other sources are the service industry and offshore finance. The St Kitts economic citizenship by investment program is the oldest of its kind in the world and is very wisely used for the development of the island by the government. Please review Crucial Facts You Should Know About St Kitts:::

1. Official name: Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis
2. Capital: Basseterre
3. Population: 39,000 {2005}
4. Area: 104 square miles { 269 square kilometers}
5. Religion: Christianity
6. Language: English
7. Currency: East Caribbean Dollar { one ESD = 100 cents }
8. Dialing International Code: +869
9. Major exports: Electronics, Foodstuff, tobacco, beverages
10. Life Expectancy: women 71 years, men 68 years
11. GNI (per capita): US $ 12,480 { 2011, World Bank }

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