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  1. do any spiritual paths make sense according to modern jungian psychoanalysis, yes
  2. trickster at the crossroads: west africas god of messages, sex and deceit
  3. Choosing A New Response:
  4. Dealing with our guilt
  5. Black and Christians in the 21 st century !
  6. Calvinism
  7. The fool says.........
  8. She KILLED a Priest!!!
  9. In the eye of the storm
  10. Money Matters
  11. What religion were you
  12. Invest in your relationships
  13. If you believe in one Supreme Being
  14. The Power of Silence
  15. Called to a higher standard
  16. Workplace contamination
  17. i found jesus
  18. Religion Or Spirituality Which Would You Choose
  19. BlacK Archbishop demands the right for Catholic Priests to Marry Women
  20. Stay in touch (1)
  21. The Five Pillars of Afrikan Spirituality
  22. Guarding, girding, guiding
  23. > Ogou's Iron or Jesus' Irony: Who's Zooming Who in Diasporic
  24. Black Preachers lead Protest aginst "EVIL" Mosque construction in Florida
  25. does evil exist
  26. a little about esu a yoruban diety
  27. Dealing with your fears
  28. Spritual music
  29. Free from the opinions of people
  30. Pictures of Jesus again
  32. Go to the right person
  33. thoughts on the mind, prayer, faith
  34. Is it fair
  35. Santeria Priestess in Jamaica/Cuba
  36. Picking the right people
  37. Your Innate Value:
  38. Fear Of The Future:
  39. Your religion and men with long hair
  40. Is there a physical heaven or hell?
  41. Who's qualified?
  42. AFRICANS making moves to DUMP the King James Version of the BIBLE
  43. Is there a better way
  44. Before you opt for divorce
  45. Black Roots Wisdom from BOTSWANA
  46. This is a GREAT Family reflection: Breaking Family Cycles
  47. The power and reach of memory
  48. Hmmmmmmmmmmm
  49. Blogging the bible
  50. One-Sided Relationships:
  51. Repairing the past
  52. Yorubic Medicine : the art of divine herbology
  53. Why I lost faith in .......
  54. Enjoying Your Age:
  55. Generous with....what
  56. Seventh Annual Orisa Rain Festival
  57. Curry Anna this connects with your "time to Bow out": Steps To Freedom
  58. When It's Time to Bow Out
  59. Developing Spiritual Discipline
  60. Question for those well versed in Ife
  61. Are u willing to be persecuted
  62. Obeah : Afro Caribbean
  63. African Cosmology Documentary
  64. Balancing Self With Family Life:
  65. No Unity-no blessing
  66. Working Through Transitions:
  67. The Need For Appreciation
  68. David's Five 'I wills'
  69. The Things We Take For Granted
  70. The Greatest promise ever made
  71. Friends: Gifts We Give ourselves
  72. A Father's Legacy
  73. Overcoming life-limiting thoughts
  74. Word- Do You Need Strength
  75. JOURNEY of the SONGHAI & MAAT/Religion:
  76. Jesus…the Jewish Insurgent
  77. An Unconditional Gift:
  78. Word - Don't Just Operate...Cooperate
  79. Word-Compartmentalised
  80. What was so special about this woman?
  81. Campaign for New Time/calendar ..in harmony
  82. www.healinggardensonline.com:
  83. Let us pray for TnT
  84. Integrating Our Many Selves:
  85. Rastafarianism
  86. Care enough to confront (2)
  87. Word - Care enough to confront
  88. Word - Dad, be more open and affectionate!
  89. No Religion ..
  90. Acting Together:
  91. Have You Found Your Calling-Pt. 2
  92. Word-Have You Found Your Calling
  93. Word - The 'older brother' Attitude
  94. Everyone Can Heal:
  95. What are your convictions - Today's Word
  96. God's Perspective -Word For today, Jun 03
  97. Don't Just Study, Serve- Word for Today
  99. The Universe
  100. Word For Today-Finishing Strong
  101. How the vatican created islam !
  102. Put Your Family First
  103. Leadership
  104. Word for Today - Encourage Someone
  105. The Great Seperation - The Price of the Human Ego
  107. God gives Yankee Preacherman the US Weather Forecast
  108. Set Yourself Free: "Do you strive to be perferct?"
  109. Best of Caribbean Gospel Music
  110. Karma, Fate, Signs
  111. Repression Expression:
  112. In The Te of Piglet
  113. Imix - whats your religion
  114. A got ah ? about SIN
  115. Having The Same Experiences: Over and Over Again
  116. Rasta's need to stop dreaming
  117. Spring Cleaning:
  118. Forest Pygmies Heed Spirit World
  119. Sprituality vs Sexuality
  120. Does EVIL exist ???????
  121. Catholic church needs CONFESSION ....
  122. Is Christianity threatened?
  123. Jesus KILLING AFRIKANS ......
  124. What Do You Follow
  125. Christian Confusion
  126. Living Like Water:
  127. Is the best story ever told really the best story ever SOLD?
  128. What does it mean to be Saved?
  129. Words not found in the bible
  130. Pope excommunicates China bishops
  131. Giving The Gift Of You: Serving Your Community
  132. White Missionaries SHOT in Trinidad and Tobago
  133. What is your Purpose on this Earth
  134. Personal Power:
  135. Pagans/Paganism ..
  136. Queen Afua on Sprituality
  137. Halie Selassie on Sprituality
  138. 101 Bible Contradikshunz !
  139. So tings heating up wid dem Orthodox fellas
  140. People carrying "messages"...
  141. 666
  142. Catholic Church makes a Tactical Move within Current US Domestic Borders
  143. Why are there so many branches
  144. Did you know
  145. Religion new Jamaican tourism lure
  146. 5 seconds b4 death
  147. Sometimes it takes a tragic event.....
  148. a matter of religion versus tradition
  149. The Energy Of An Embrace
  150. The Rebirth of I and I
  151. Let me introduce you to GOD and his book
  152. I am going straight to hell for this......
  153. Bad Days
  154. This look familiar?
  155. Things That God Won't Ask....
  156. Does prayer work?
  157. The God Complex
  158. Christian women is this Blasphemy?
  159. Why does god kill people?
  160. The Feminine Personification
  161. Ghost Stories, "Obeah" Stories, Etc.
  162. A Shower in the Morning . . .
  163. The Noah and Ham story
  164. Dailyom: Feeding Your Spirit
  165. Prayer?
  166. color of the cross the movie
  167. The Caribbean in the eyes of Israelites...
  168. Bearers Of Wisdom:
  169. Dreams
  170. Seventh Day Adventists volunteer for Biological Experiments
  171. Its that time of year again for the EASTER CHALLENGE
  172. Maybe Im Being Dottish But
  173. Does it make sense for black people to be christian?
  174. Book of Judas!
  175. Spiritual Baptists
  176. Shango
  177. God's Chosen People RIOT in New York SHITTY
  178. Islam and Women
  179. So muslims see christianity..
  180. Spiritual Baptist
  181. Dont Confuse Spiritual Baptist with Orisha
  182. Lost!
  183. Full Day Youth Program - Indigenous African Spiritual Traditions
  184. Farrakhan's Official Visit to Cuba
  185. Personal Harmony
  186. Bibles in Public Schools: What do you think?
  187. Real Life Monster that lives in the Sea
  188. Giants Who Once Roamed The Earth
  189. "Experience" the Bible
  190. Just how strong is backchat?
  191. Staying Grounded In A Busy World:
  192. Why Does Dis Forum Seem To Hide
  193. Batizied In The Holy Spirit
  194. Sweetening A Sour Fruit:
  195. Is this Contradiction???
  196. My Soul Is a Witness: African-American Women's Spirituality
  197. MSNBC.com- Can Prayer Aid Healing:
  198. The Power Of Staying Positive:
  199. anyone see a trend in this profile?
  200. ancientwoman
  201. The Road To New Beginnings:
  202. Beginnings And Endings:
  203. Being Afraid Of Opening Your Heart:
  204. Riding The Wave Of life:
  205. Who here has bought spiritual water?
  206. Nine Ways To Help Others Awaken To Consciousness:
  207. Does God Exist
  208. The DEVIL MAGNET COMING BACK to Trinidad
  209. The Power Of The Tongue:
  210. Memories Of The Soul
  211. What's Your Favorite Book of the Bible...
  212. ok soo another religious question
  213. Hindu....?
  214. E.T.'s and the Divine.
  215. Cultural nationalism and Orisha worship
  216. Singing Songs of the Orisha
  217. Three-Day Symposium Indigenous African Spiritual Traditions:
  218. Abraham
  219. Clarity Of Soul:
  220. Gift Of Solitude:
  221. Rosary Beads
  222. A Life Of Passion:
  223. Sound Of Stillness:
  224. Heaven must be fillled with...
  225. Self-Examination At Depth:
  226. one tree many branches.
  227. Old testament making a comeback
  228. Mark of the Beast
  229. Eye Of The Beholder:
  230. Gathering For Truth:
  231. Masonary..
  232. Needless Fear:
  233. Woman love the lord
  234. An Empty Vessel Can Be Filled:
  235. Truth In Vision:
  236. Loving What You Hate:
  237. Question
  238. We Are All Mirrors For Each Other:
  239. Cabalistic , Ifa
  240. Rays Of Life:The Sun
  241. Time To Play:
  242. There Are No Wrong Decisions:
  243. IFA Divination Message Group on Yahoo.com
  244. Oyotunji African Village, South Carolina
  245. Scottish, British Catholic clerics changed their tune? Not enough
  246. Blessings
  247. What do you all think of this picture....
  248. Unequaly yoked...
  249. Harram (sp?)
  250. A Tribute to Life: on this day I pass on many blessings to you!!